My new home.


Yo, Welcome to my new little corner on the web, designed by myself using WordPress as a back-end. It’s aight. Few things which annoy my OCD here and there, for example, soundcloud blocking the use of their API so you can’t create a custom player, you have to use their own ugly ass Embedded player. but it’s what ever. ?‍♂️

This place is generally just going to be about my blog / random thoughts / and free resources that I’ll be posting, however it also serves as a consolidation of all my work throughout the t’internet, in once place. ?

It’s also a place where I can bitch about all these trend following producers who are a fucking…. I’m joking. ?

Anyways feel free to look around, I’ve not done my About page yet as someone else is writing it for me, as I find it insanely cringe writing about myself haha, so yea that’s not happening.


PS. Here’s a free Casio SK1 drumkit to get the freebies rolling. DOWNLOAD: HERE