Whole beat scene is so oversaturated. I miss the old SoundCloud days. SoundCloud is dead. 0 platforms to upload / get feedback on anymore like old SoundCloud. Don’t even feel to upload anymore. Just gonna keep stacking my beat folder up and not releasing anything ??

Something dope for my fellow windows friends…

Here’s a copy of serato studio for y’all, it’s pre-cracked meaning no silly moving files about etc to get the crack working, you just click the install file/setup file. Then drag the core library folder into serato studio once you have installed it, for all the serato studio freebies. Highly recommend this program, been having a lot of fun making beats/ideas in it.


My new home.


Yo, Welcome to my new little corner on the web, designed by myself using WordPress as a back-end. It’s aight. Few things which annoy my OCD here and there, for example, soundcloud blocking the use of their API so you can’t create a custom player, you have to use their own ugly ass Embedded player. but it’s what ever. ?‍♂️

This place is generally just going to be about my blog / random thoughts / and free resources that I’ll be posting, however it also serves as a consolidation of all my work throughout the t’internet, in once place. ?

It’s also a place where I can bitch about all these trend following producers who are a fucking…. I’m joking. ?

Anyways feel free to look around, I’ve not done my About page yet as someone else is writing it for me, as I find it insanely cringe writing about myself haha, so yea that’s not happening.


PS. Here’s a free Casio SK1 drumkit to get the freebies rolling. DOWNLOAD: HERE